From u/Hadamard1854

After having used this extension for a while now, I'm in awe of the genius idea to make it. At first, I thought to myself that this is largely unnecessary thing, and a rather silly thing. I was just shocked of how much I love it now. It is beyond invaluable to me, atleast compared to my initial impression.

From u/daniel5151

This is one of those extensions I've had installed for so long that I often forget that it's not built right into Chrome! Thanks again for the regular updates, and keep up the good work :)

From u/zim0369

Didn't know about this and I also didn't know that I needed this so bad. Tysm

From u/Nilstrieb

The only time I even notice that I have it installed is whenever I'm in a browser that doesn't. It's such a great extension that I use all the time!

From @Kazuhiro Serizawa

同僚氏に教えてもらったRustのdocやcrateをchromeのURL barでincremental searchできるようになるchrome extension.超便利.

-- Quoted from this tweet.

From @Lucretiel

If you aren't using the Rust Search extension, you absolutely should be. Makes it several times faster to land where you want, *especially* with some libraries (cough nom cough) for which Google stubbornly prefers to link to old version.

-- Quote from this tweet.

From u/Michael-F-Bryan

I love this extension! It's super useful when I'm doing a code reviews or answering newbie questions and need to quickly link to API docs or crates.io.

From u/sonaxaton

Congrats! Love this extension, lots of useful features.

From u/iulian_r

This is by far the best extension I know about for a programming language I use. You also seem to have great ideas for new features, which you keep adding on a fast pace. All of them are also features that I did not even know that I want.

From u/ErichDonGubler

I love this extension. It works so well, and it's fundamental for me when I'm working in codebases with deps I don't know like the back of my hand. It's crazy to me that it can even compete with a cargo doc --open invocation now that one can cache crate docs locally.

From u/gnosnivek

This extension was probably the only thing keeping me sane when I was working on a homebrew gzip implementation for a crazy idea of mine. Tracking bitstreams and bitvectors and bit(?????)s was a mess, and google searches were pulling up weird outdated docs for the crates I was using.

Thanks for all your work on the extension, and congrats on 1.0!

From u/iulian_r

Hey, amazing extension, I use it daily. Keep up the good work!

From u/zivkovicmilan

It is really useful, especially for me who is new to rust :)

From u/AReallyTallHorse

This is amazing, I'll have to pass this over to my friends! Something that really bothers me about searching for Rust docs is I always end up on a page that says there is a newer version, but when I click on that newer version I lose the page I was on (or there might not be a link at all!) This makes life so much better, thank you!

From u/zbraniecki

Thanks for your efforts! The extension is handy indeed despite all the other ways to search docs (like DDG bangs, FF custom search engines, offline docs like Zeal or devdocs.io).

From Paul-Sebastian Manole

Keep on improving it and adding new features! This extension is awesome!

From arthamys

This new version greatly improves productivity, and adds a lot of shorthands to make navigating the docs even more efficient