Frequently asked questions


Any plans to support Safari?

Unfortunately, no. According to MDN's web extension compatibility chart: Safari doesn't support omnibox API, which is essential to this extension. See issue #87.

Is it possible to customize the number of suggestions shown in address bar?

The number of suggestions is limited to the browser API, currently we can't customize it. Also, each browser have a different limit number.

Is it possible to modify the plugin keyword trigger? For example, can I trigger with r + tab instead of rs + tab?

Unfortunately, the browser's API doesn't allow the extension to change its keyword dynamically. You can customize your keyword by changing this line to build your own version.


Why does the extension require access to

Since v1.1.0, we add a new enhancement feature for the rust-lang repository's release page. This needs permission to access the single release page, no other page else. See the extension permission declaration file: line 38.


Why local file: rust doc not work properly on Firefox?

For security reasons, in Firefox, file: URLs is an unprivileged URL, accessing to those unprivileged URLs are prohibited. See the MDN documentation for more detail.

Any workaround to support offline mode on Firefox?

Sure. A good choice is use http server! For example using python http.server module:

$ cd your-rust-doc-directory
$ python3 -m http.server --bind
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ( ...

Then set as your local doc path.