Frequently asked questions


Why the extension requires read browsing history permission?

The sole permission required by the extension is tabs, which gives accessing browser tabs information capability. We use this permission to open the search result in the current tab or new tab for the sole purpose. Feel feel to check our Privacy Policy for more information.


Why local file: rust doc not work properly on Firefox?

For security reasons, in Firefox, file: URLs is an unprivileged URL, accessing to those unprivileged URLs are prohibited. See the MDN documentation for more detail.

Any workaround to support offline mode on Firefox?

Sure. A good choice is use http server! For example using python http.server module:

$ cd your-rust-doc-directory
$ python -m http.server
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ( ...

Then set as your local doc path.

Why sync the latest crates index on popup page doesn't work on Firefox?

This feature relies on the browser's script-src-elem Content Security Policy, which not supported by Firefox. See Mozilla documentation.